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PRODUCTXing Ming kitchen for you to create a product


ADVANTAGEXing Ming kitchen 15 years manufacturing ingenuity

Research and develop cutting-edge equipment, sell well at home and abroad

R&d, production and sales of equipment manufacturers

Cooperative customers and equipment sales all over the world

15 years of expertise in food technology

Plant 4000 mu, high-end production equipment

Manufacturer direct sale, quality of good price

High quality stainless steel, non-stick coating, food grade requirements

The heating rate is fast, the province electricity, the efficiency is high

Fully automated equipment to reduce labor costs

Manufacturer direct sale, buy the heart, use the rest assured

Free distribution, all-round after-sales guarantee

The factory direct free distribution, let you be carefree

Stable logistics partner to ensure delivery time

Free technical support, free installation, free after-sales service

National free service hotline:13268018128

CHIOCEChoose the cinema popcorn machine, see Xing Ming decided again

  • High yield
  • Long service life
  • Short time
  • Performance


CUSTOMERYour satisfaction is the pursuit of Xing Ming

  • China shadow fish peak studio China shadow fish peak studio

    My company sell product department choose xing Ming kitchen utensils and appliances of popcorn machine for many years, their product quality is very good, pot blasting speed, and good after-sales service, free technical services, upgrade six months, the cooperation with them at home.

  • New era studio New era studio

    My company sell product department choose xing Ming kitchen utensils and appliances of popcorn machine for many years, their service is very considerate free on-site installation, one year warranty for half a year return, machine performance is stable, blasting fast, big capacity, fast and efficient maintenance and their cooperation I rest assured!


ABOUT US15 years, Xing Ming walk along with you


Guangzhou baiyun district land, xing Ming kitchen utensils and appliances factory (the love kitchen utensils and appliances), is a professional engaged in the west kitchen equipment production, research and development and sales of west kitchen manufacturers, the main business products include popcorn machine, ice cream machine, cotton candy machine, burger machine, potato tower crane, sushi display of air-conditioner and so on more than 10 kinds of west kitchen products, widely used in the cinema, shopping malls and other kinds of KFC, burger joint and KTV entertainment consumption place.




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